UPS and FedEx Billing: Improved Discounts is the Breakthrough You Need

Rich Harkey

May 30, 2019


UPS and FedEx Billing Insights from the Pros

Hey, guys, Rich with Lojistic here. I'm here to talk about UPS and FedEx billing with any of you that are still on paper invoices. Federal Express and UPS both offer online services. This will allow you to build in some efficiencies and streamline the bill pay process.

Why is it good for you? Well, unless you're into killing a lot of trees, some people may be into that. Others want to free up time, and usually, if you can save people's time, you're saving money. So, if you want to get rid of file cabinets, you can put in some plants. And you can put up some nice artwork in place of those file cabinets. You might want to consider moving over to online services. Both are pretty easy to get set up.

Talk to Your Rep

You can go to your FedEx and UPS reps. Or, many times, you can do it yourself. It's a pretty quick and painless process. And the benefits to you will allow you to see all your invoices in one, centralized location. It will open up opportunities for online payments and improve your management ability in this area. This is instead of trying to manage things through reams of paper that can get misplaced. It will give you complete visibility to any invoices you may slip through the cracks. This also ensures that you don't put your account on pause.

So, there are a lot of reasons why there's value to moving over to online services. Everything is going to be in a single web portal for each carrier. It allows the administrative user to access the invoices. They can download the invoice and sort through the invoices. They can then also create a bunch of data. So, you'll have the opportunity to create Excel sheets. If your staff takes PDF's and converts that information to an Excel file, that's a very manual process. It's not the best nor the most efficient use of someone's time.

UPS and FedEx Billing Handled Online

Like what we would do in our personal lives, many of us have gone to online services and get away from the US Mail. Not to mention too, there may be a time where the carriers both decide that this is not enough for them as well. They might stop paper type billings. So, stay ahead of the curve. Save some time in your operations, move over to online services.

The other benefit is that services like mine can support online billing. We cannot audit paper. It's likely that your staff has a very hard time sifting through that paper. In the same way, we cannot audit through paper invoices. There's another major benefit of moving to online services. It allows firms like mine to assist you with analytics.

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