Your Carrier Relationship, Your Parcel Audit, and You

Rich Harkey

July 22, 2015


Shipping costs are über-important. For an expense that makes up (on average) 10% of your top line, they definitely deserve your undivided attention. Maintaining a solid relationship with your carrier reps can lead to improved discounts, incentives, and more. No doubt you’ve worked hard to negotiate a competitive pricing agreement and it behooves you to protect against any outside factors from impacting what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Thankfully you don’t need to worry about a parcel audit potentially harming the relationship you’ve worked to hard to build. If anything, parcel auditing is a way to help strengthen and validate the bonds you have built with your carrier.

Let’s say you’re a frequent customer at your favorite local restaurant and have spent years building a great rapport with the wait staff and management. You order one of a few meals every visit, and are normally charged accurately. After one meal, you review your check and notice that you were charged for a side of soup that you never received. Do you think that the restaurant staff would be upset with you for contesting the incorrect charge? Of course not!

Implementing a UPS and FedEx audit is a great way to keep the carriers accountable for services rendered. It will help ensure that they’re maintaining their end of the relationship by identifying, pursuing, and claiming all potential chargebacks associated with your shipments.

Be sure to check out Audisee, our instant (and free) parcel audit, to get an idea of the potential savings that could be procured through a full-fledged Lojistic parcel audit.

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