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Every day, millions of people around the world throw out tons of trash that goes to landfills. They decay there and add to pollution in the environment. This also harms living creatures on the planet (including us!). However, many of the things that people discard in wastebaskets can actually be recycled. Some of these items include newspaper, glass bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic bags. Apart from recycling, it is also important to know which items go in each of the different recycling bins, so that they can be recycled correctly. We can learn about recycling by reading about it or watching educational videos. There are also many other fun ways to find out more about this subject. For example, kids can try out science experiments or projects, play an online game, or test their knowledge with a quiz. Explore the collection of resources in this article to learn more about recycling. Remember to share your knowledge with friends and family members too so that everyone can get involved!

General Information

  • Garbage & Recycling – Watch a video to see what happens when we discard trash or recycle items.
  • The Green Squad – Four students called The Green Squad teach kids how to recycle at home and also at school.
  • The Three R’s – Reducing, reusing, and recycling are three ways in which we can cut down on trash and pollution.
  • Why Recycle? – Read about how recycling helps the Earth and our environment, and how we can recycle.
  • Recycling Paper (PDF) – This worksheet teaches kids all about recycling paper, with a few test questions at the end.
  • How to Recycle – Go through an interactive guide to learn which items are recyclable and how to recycle them.


  • Recycling and Conservation (PDF) – Get inspired with some great science fair experiments related to recycling.
  • Paper Breakdown (PDF) – Find out whether recycled or new paper breaks down faster.
  • Recycled Music – In this experiment, students use recycled materials to make a very unique musical instrument!
  • Recycle Paper (PDF) – Learn how to recycle paper yourself at home or at school.
  • Recycling Experiments – Choose from a whole list of different experiments that demonstrate different aspects about recycling.


  • Visit Recycle City – Explore the virtual town of Recycle City to find out all about recycling.
  • Earth Matters – Play the Kids Recycle Game, a virtual Treasure Hunt, or learn more about why recycling is so important.
  • Recycle Roundup – Help the Recycling Gorilla catch all the fallen trash and sort it into the appropriate recycling bins.
  • Recycling Word Search – Try different difficulty modes in this recycling word puzzle.
  • Sort the Items – Can you make sure that all the recyclable items go into the correct bins?


  • Recycling Quiz – Take a general quiz on recycling to see how many facts you remember correctly.
  • Watch a Quiz – Challenge yourself with an interactive quiz in video format.
  • Recycling Test – Try this online test and read the reasons behind each correct answer.
  • The Recycling Challenge – Find out how much you know about recyclable items and the recycling process.
  • Recycling Mini Quiz – Try a small, quick quiz that tests users’ general knowledge about recycling.


  • Paper Recycling – Check out a list of amazing facts, questions, and statistics about paper and how it is recycled.
  • Recycling Fact Sheet (PDF) – Learn some interesting facts about how recycling really does make a positive difference.
  • Recycling Trivia – These neat trivia facts are sorted according to different recyclable materials.
  • Facts About Recycling – Find out more about various recyclable items with these incredible facts!
  • Recycling Fun Facts – These recycling facts will help us to think twice before we are tempted to throw paper in the trash again.


  • Recycling Activities – Learn how to make recycled paper, a worm composter, and much more!
  • School Recycling Program (PDF) – Get together with your classmates and teacher to form a recycling program at school.
  • Recycling Crafts – Transform boring old items from the recycling box into cool toys, gifts, and decorations.
  • Recycling Projects – Follow these easy instructions to make sock puppets, bean bags, and other fun creations from recycled items.
  • Recycling with the Greenies – The Greenies teach kids about recycling and then introduce them to some fun related projects and activities.

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