Looking for information to help minimize the impact of fuel costs?

Need to know what your carrier’s fuel surcharge used to be? This fuel surcharge history report contains a comprehensive record of the fluctuations in air and ground fuel surcharges over the past two years.

As we all know, when the price of oil increases, so does the cost of fuel. This drives up the prices of shipping because carriers pass on their cost increases, at least partially, in the form of a diesel fuel surcharge and other fuel surcharges. Over the past few years in particular, increasing fuel charges have led to an increase in the cost of shipping contracts, and your company has no doubt been impacted by this change in fuel surcharge rates.

While past increases in freight fuel surcharge costs do not form a foolproof indicator as to where prices will be in the future, it is nonetheless true that an accurate understanding of the fuel surcharge history can help companies make educated projections when they are setting their freight management budgets for the coming years.

Here at Lojistic, we are well aware of how the current fuel surcharge from many carriers affects the cost of shipping. That is why our parcel audit services are designed particularly to look for the cost of fuel surcharge. Trucking services that deliver parcels are particularly hard hit by increasing fuel surcharge rates. We have designed our freight audit services to locate where our clients have paid a greater freight fuel surcharge than they were required to pay. We have also developed several resources to help companies see just how drastic the change in diesel fuel surcharge prices has been in recent years. One of the most valuable of these is the downloadable report with the history of each major carrier’s fuel surcharge.

Lojistic’s two-year diesel fuel surcharge report gives an overview of changes in fuel surcharge rates, which can help you estimate more accurately how much you will have to pay in freight fuel surcharge costs over the next fiscal year. This fuel surcharge history report is free for you to download, and it is a convenient way for you to do the research into each carrier's past fuel charge.

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