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Oct 26


2022 - 2023 UPS & FedEx Peak Season Surcharges

Posted: Oct 26, 2022

Every year there’s a spike in residential deliveries during the holidays. As a result, the carriers make adjustments to their networks. And to ensure they’re as profitable as ever, both UPS and FedEx implement “Peak” surcharges. That means it’s going to cost you a whole lot more to ship packages through the holidays. Even the U.S. Postal Service has announced proposed temporary "rate ...

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Nov 04


UPS Sets Record Profits for a 9 Months

Posted: Nov 04, 2021

UPS recently announced they had their most profitable year ever - and there’s still a quarter of the year remaining! In just 9 months, “UPS has generated more operating profit than any full year in our history,” according to UPS CEO Carol Tome. Let that sink in the next time you’re paying your UPS invoices.  ...

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Oct 11


FedEx Labor Shortages Cause For Concern

Posted: Oct 11, 2021

In a recent post from Business Insider, FedEx said that it’s rerouting more than 600,000 business packages every single day.  ...

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Sep 09


UPS and FedEx Peak Holiday Shipping 2021

Posted: Sep 09, 2021

Shipping with UPS and FedEx continues to get more and more expensive - especially during the holidays.   Editor’s Note: We’ll continue to keep this post updated with new information as it’s released by UPS and FedEx throughout the peak holiday season. Bookmark this page and check back often to...

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