Regional Carriers Fill Your Noggin With Current Logistics News.

Jul 25


Regional Carriers

Posted: Jul 25, 2022

Using regional carriers can be an effective strategy to offset your UPS, FedEx and DHL costs and fill some of the gaps in your shipping network. If you need help in determining whether or not a regional carrier would benefit your business, ...

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Dec 06


UPS & FedEx Take a Hardline Stance With Their Customers

Posted: Dec 06, 2021

UPS and FedEx have always been willing to meet their customers’ expectations - or at a minimum - they’ve always been willing to hear them out and address certain customer requests for discounts or better rates as a means to maintain a solid client-vendor relationship.  But the dynamic between carriers and shippers has changed drasticall...

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Oct 11


FedEx Labor Shortages Cause For Concern

Posted: Oct 11, 2021

In a recent post from Business Insider, FedEx said that it’s rerouting more than 600,000 business packages every single day.  ...

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