FedEx and UPS Carrier Exceptions: This is the Way to Save Money

Tan Nguyen

June 13, 2019


FedEx and UPS Carrier Exceptions Can Save You Money

Alright, today we'll be talking about the different carrier exceptions. In particular, I'm going over carrier exceptions for both FedEx and UPS. They're very similar so I'll kind of go over them all in the same bucket. First, we'll talk about pick up exceptions. Sometimes no packages were picked up and pick up is not rescheduled. They consider that a pick up exception. You'll have to try to reschedule it at a later time to actually get those packages shipped.

Delivery exceptions are the more common exceptions that we deal with related to carriers. The turn PMX refers to a PM exception. A shipment returns to a delivery station for the night. This is because it was undeliverable during the courier's route. Such a delivery exception may occur because the package had the incorrect address. Or it was because the recipient was unavailable, et cetera. Often, the courier retries the delivery the next day.

Find Out Your Shipment Status

You can see things like that on the tracking page when you look up the tracking number to see your shipment status. That will give you a sign of whether it wasn't delivered on time. It could be for different reasons. It could be that the business was closed, somebody wasn't there to sign for it, that type of thing. Other exceptions can be weather or acts of God. Sometimes a package won't get there on time because there was a flood or there was a storm. Anything that keeps the carrier from delivering the package in a safe way. The courier makes note the exception in a message on the tracking page. This is so you know exactly why your package wasn't delivered on time.

The next type of carrier exception is a damaged package. Let's say that the package gets damaged on route to the location. A lot of the times, the carrier will hold the package. They would report the damage and that way the customer can see that. They would call you at FedEx or UPS and file a claim for that damaged package when that's the exception.

Other Types of FedEx and UPS Carrier Exceptions

Another UPS or FedEx shipment exception is a lost package. If the carrier loses the package, they'll put that exception notice on the tracking page. This is so the customer can then again call the carrier. The customer can file for either the lost one in that regard or a damaged one if it was a damage claim.

Another exception that can cause late shipments would be address correction. A lot of times, the shipper might put an address that is a little wrong. It could be a zip code number that's off by one, it could be a street number that's off or something like that. If that happens, it's hard for the carrier to deliver the package. Then what they'll have to do is reach back out to the shipper to try to get the correct address information.

So, in those examples, the package could be late. It's not always, but sometimes it can be late because of that type of thing. Then the carrier will put that messaging on the tracking page. This is so that you know why your package was late.

No Proper Label

Another carrier exception is when a package doesn't have a proper label. Or it could be that it has a damaged label within transit. Then the carrier cannot read the barcode or can't read the address it's supposed to deliver to. The carrier will have to reach out to the customer again to get the correct address information. They could have to relabel it themselves after getting the correct information. This is so that the package can be delivered.

All these things can tie also to another type of carrier exception. This is when you're trying to file for a refund on a package. Some of those ones I mentioned before can cause you not to be able to get a refund for a late delivery. So, let's say that you're trying to file and you call the carrier to try to get a refund. Sometimes you think it's late, but it may not be the case according to the carrier's records. So, that would be an exception for you not to get a refund. Also, the weather stuff that we talked about before. That would be an exception to getting credit for any kind of late delivery. The package that doesn't have the proper label is also one of those.

Exception to a Refund

Another one that I didn't mention before is an exception to a refund. It has to do with if the shipper did not timely and accurately send all the electronic data to the carrier. Let's say that the carrier is not notified electronically about a shipment that needs to ship, after a certain cut off time. An extra day gets added to that delivery time. If a package was not shipped before the area code specific last pick up time, it's kind of the same situation. If the package is delivered to the carrier after their last pickup time for that area code, then they have an extra day to deliver that package as well.

Holiday Exceptions

Next are holiday exceptions. This kind of carrier exception happens most often during busy times of the year. Let's say there's a shipment or parcel getting shipped during certain holiday times. Times like Thanksgiving or Christmas time. The carrier has the right to refuse a credit. This is because the money back guarantees or GSR is also denied during those timeframes. The shipment contains special instructions like a call tag service or signature options. Those are exceptions to waiving the right for a late delivery refund. Then there are customs or security delay of some sort. These delays also waive the right for a refund credit. If the package met the definitions. There are also handling, address corrections, oversized, or unauthorized signature. That also will waive the right for a credit refund.

FedEx could get a request to redirect the shipment from a delivery address to a hold at locations address. That's also an exception to get a credit for a refund. Or it could be that the shipment was undeliverable or returned. That also waives the right for a refund delivery. That is a big list of exceptions that I wanted to share with you. Thank you very much.

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