FedEx Announces 2016 General Rate Increase Author: Rich Harkey
September 18, 2015

On Wednesday, September 16, FedEx announced its annual general rate increase (GRI). Effective January 4, 2016, rates will be impacted as follows:

  • FedEx Express will see a 4.9% average increase for US domestic, export, and import services
  • FedEX Ground and Home Delivery will also see a 4.9% average increase – with SmartPost rates changing as well
  • FedEx Freight shipping rates will increase 4.9% on average, too. This rate increase applies to FedEx Freight shipments within and between the US, Canada, and Mexico.


While a 4.9% increase may seem insignificant, keep in mind that this is an average increase. Most FedEx Express products saw a rate increase in excess of 4.9%. Click here to download our 2015 GRI to get a better idea of how the increase will affect all services.

Or feel free to give us a call to chat and learn how we can help you mitigate the annual rate increase.

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