FedEx Announces 2016 General Rate Increase

Rich Harkey

September 18, 2015


On Wednesday, September 16, FedEx announced its annual general rate increase (GRI). Effective January 4, 2016, rates will be impacted as follows:

  • FedEx Express will see a 4.9% average increase for US domestic, export, and import services
  • FedEX Ground and Home Delivery will also see a 4.9% average increase – with SmartPost rates changing as well
  • FedEx Freight shipping rates will increase 4.9% on average, too. This rate increase applies to FedEx Freight shipments within and between the US, Canada, and Mexico.


While a 4.9% increase may seem insignificant, keep in mind that this is an average increase. Most FedEx Express products saw a rate increase in excess of 4.9%. Click here to download our 2015 GRI to get a better idea of how the increase will affect all services.

Or feel free to give us a call to chat and learn how we can help you mitigate the annual rate increase.

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