FedEx Insight Will Make You Lose Money in Comparison

Jared Fisher

March 12, 2019


FedEx InSight: Why They Made It

Hey guys. So as you can imagine, FedEx looks down on the parcel auditing industry. Now, why might that be? Well, auditing services like what Lojistic provides put money back in the shipper's pocket. FedEx Insight would otherwise allow FedEx to keep this money.

So, as you can imagine, FedEx does everything that they can to deal with this. They convince their shipping clients that they don't need an auditing service. Especially a service like the one that Lojistic provides. So what do they do about this? Well, FedEx has this product called FedEx Insight. FedEx Insight is a tracking and visibility tool. Their shippers, their customers, use it track inbound, outbound and third-party shipments. So what they oftentimes will do is suggest to their customers that they use this product instead of a built-in service audit. Now I want to make sure you understand these are two completely separate things.

How is Lojistic Better?

So, FedEx Insight is a tracking and a visibility tool. A bill-in service audit is auditing for things that would show up on your bill that are refund eligible. Things like late shipments, things like applied accessorial fees. You have voids. You have DAS charges. Also, you have residential fees. FedEx Insight is not auditing your shipping invoices and once again, this is a tool that they provide. Right? So it's almost like the fox guarding the hen house.

So I want to make sure that everyone understands. If you are going to be auditing your shipping invoices. If you are looking for a solution to ensure that FedEx is billing you with integrity. FedEx Insight is not the solution. And although FedEx reps will sell this as a solution instead of an auditing service, it's two completely separate things.

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