Freight BIll Payment is the Best Boost for Your Business

Gary McKenzie

April 04, 2019


Freight Bill Payment Improved with Lojistic Software

Lojistic helps with freight bill payment in different ways. The primary way is how it consolidates all your invoices. It combines them from all your carriers into one spot. There's also often the difficulty of timing. Not to mention when bills are coming in, who they're coming in from.

There are different pricing schemas that each of the carriers also may have. There different schemas that even your own operations or the complexity of it. Using Lojistic's simplifies the payment process. So you have one place to go to see all your freight payment. All your freight bills are in one place. It's where you can approve them, pay them, or fund your bill payment company to pay them. In negotiating an invoice, any freight bill payment provider is an expert. They are great at talking with carriers. They can speak to what exactly happened with the freight movement itself.

Often the systems inside the carriers don't recognize your freight. This is when errors happen. They see it as freight and they apply the rules they apply to everybody else to your freight.

Third Party Billing Company

With the third party bill company such as ours, we make sure you're front and center. You're also center stage when we're talking to those carriers. We can take a look at your freight. We can then make sure carriers understand your freight's dimensions and characteristics. And if an invoice line item shouldn't have been there, we'll make sure that it's removed.

As far as an example, there are big dollar examples. There are small dollar examples too. Examples we find most memorable are those where the carrier is not also trying to get away with something. It's when something in their system caused a very serious error. We did have a client that at one point shed quite a few pallets. It involved one carrier and one shipment. This is for those who understand LTL pricing. What happened was their pricing shot up about 15 times what it should have been. And the reason was, they took up too much space on the trailer.

So we were successful too when we reached out to them. We also understood how the carrier operated. We understood what our client was doing, and wasn't the carrier mistake. It was the conversation with that carrier. We were able to make sure that they understood what happened.

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