Helping Reduce Shipping with Your Help Author: T Nguyen
March 23, 2012

Source Consulting is always striving to help businesses reduce their shipping costs. We accomplish this through both our guaranteed money-saving work and the innovative software to help businesses with their shipping. Our work includes freight auditing carrier invoices, which checks for carrier errors that populate nearly all invoices for guaranteed savings, and carrier rate analysis and negotiation solutions, which will have our experienced employees with prior carrier experience analyze your carrier agreements for the best discount opportunities. Additionally, our unique software, Halo and Intelliship, will help businesses make smart shipping choices and track all of them with a few clicks of the button. We want to continue to spread our money-saving services to more businesses with your referrals!

Our referral program is made to help reduce shipping costs for both the companies and individuals you suggest to us and reward you for your contribution! Source Consulting takes pride in both our integrity and strong partnerships, which we hope to carry with all of our referral partners as well. We have two programs available for referral partners - one for infrequent referrals and another for constant referrals. With these generous compensation programs, we hope to create unlimited growth opportunities for the right people!

Your referrals will be introduced to our program that will reduce their shipping costs. Our pricing structure works to exemplify this guaranteed savings - there are no set-up costs, no operational charges and no long-term contracts. We only get our payment when we are able to save money for a customer - a successful practice that has helped us to be successful both for our current customers and accolades. You can find more information on our referral program. We look forward to working with you soon!

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