Reduce Shipping Costs with an Audit Trial

T Nguyen

March 16, 2012


There are many ways to reduce shipping costs, but many companies are intimidated by the amount of work that they perceive to be necessary for such savings.  However, one solution is very easy-to-find that these same companies may not be aware is right in front of them - their carrier invoice.  Why?  Nearly every carrier invoice sent to your company contains mistakes in the list of charges you receive.  In turn, each of these errors should be refunded back to you.  More importantly, these overcharges can equate to savings that could be quite more than just a little bit of change.

Much like when you are given back money for a mistake on your credit card bill, finding and notifying your carrier about these invoice errors is the process of getting back money that belongs to your company.  These refunds occur mainly due to human error and oversight which happen on a regular basis.  Simple mistakes such as a delivery driver inputting an incorrect description of the destination can be logged as refundable errors and happen consistently.  One of the easiest ways to make sure you reduce your shipping costs is to have, in place, an auditing system of being able to validate the legitimacy of each discount, accessorial fee, and transportation charge on your carrier’s invoice.

However, the work itself is not simple and requires knowledge on the errors to look out for and the patience and multiple eyes to look through each of the invoices.  Source Consulting has a full-proof carrier audit service that can guarantee you huge cost savings and best-in-class visibility services to ultimately reduce your shipping costs.  The service is simple, taking only a few minutes to complete and yields substantial results.  The greatest aspect of this service is that your company does not have to guess whether the service really can bring in savings - Source offers a free 30-Day Shipping Audit Trial which can showcase the savings before you commit.

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