Helping the Supply Chain with Sustainable Ideas

T Nguyen

August 22, 2012


As the world continues to evolve with new technology, it also brings forth new challenges to businesses and their supply chains.  Luckily, there are many interesting methods and ideas to help the supply chain become more efficient and cost-effective as well as forward-thinking in terms of it’s impact on the world.  One way to be both helpful and cost-savings is to make sure to think of sustainable solutions that may not bring out short-term profits but can give long-term savings as well as helping the planet.

 These sustainable ideas can range from simple integration of technology to more risk intensive long-term solutions.  Great new innovations within mobile devices and general technological developments such as in vehicles let these opportunities become easily available.  For instance, new bar code technology lets supply chain managers see where each individual piece of lumber is going and can be traced to it’s origin through a simple computer search after it has been registered.  This information can allow better communication about where such material is coming from and efficiently see how it is traveling to the final destination.  Additionally, mobile apps help both companies and customers see how ‘green’ a product is considered, giving much more importance to such measurements and easily gauging competitive advantages within the sustainable space.  The reason to conduct these sustainable ideas into your supply chain is because it will help reduce your company’s impact on the environment and help create more efficient solutions for your company in the long-term that can help reduce costs.

Source Consulting is staying up to date with these helpful developments in the supply chain and logistics community.  With great up-to-date research and powerful shipping tools, Source works with it’s customers to learn how to reduce shipping costs and learn of relevant information in the current news.  By learning about sustainability and integrating it into your business, not only can you save money in the long-term but make it more efficient for the long-term rather than just profiting from the short-term.

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