Money Saving Shipping Tips and the Importance of a FedEx & UPS Rate Comparison

T Nguyen

January 06, 2012


In order to flourish in today’s tough, hyper-competitive business climate, you need an edge. The place to start, naturally, is by cutting back on expenses. If your business is a major shipper, the fastest (but maybe not most obvious) way to do this is to reduce your shipping costs. If you use either UPS or FedEx, which chances are you do, it’s important to perform a FedEx/UPS rate comparison.

Comparing major shippers FedEx and UPS allows the sender to see that there can be significant differences in shipping rates. For example, FedEx and UPS will both charge you based your package’s size, the industry term being dimensional weight, if it is calculated to be greater than the actual package weight. If your agreement with UPS happens to provide a higher dimensional factor than with FedEx, then it will probably be much cheaper to ship with UPS. All the more reason to do a FedEx and UPS rate comparison to reduce your shipping costs.

In any FedEx and UPS rate comparison, it’s important to note that these rates are averages. The rates you pay will depend on a number of contributing factors. Things like the size and weight of your packages, the type of service (ground or air), your packages destination, and the associated discounts that have been negotiated with each carrier are notable factors. All must be carefully evaluated if you want to reduce your shipping costs

Comparing shipping prices may not be the most exciting of topics, but doing so can save you and your business exponential amounts of money.

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