Why Billing Errors Happen & What You Can Do to Combat Them

T Nguyen

December 19, 2011


Billing errors on your shipping invoice may be a surprise to some companies. With the advancements in technology and the automated process of shipments, why would there be errors on UPS and FedEx invoices?  The problem is that mistakes do happen and are slipping by those companies that do not realize it.

Why do billing errors happen? There are two main reasons: One, even though much of the process is automated, there are still many parts of the job that require human input, and two, there is a high volume of shipments. These processes allow for mistakes to happen and without a careful freight audit, companies can be overpaying their carriers on a consistent basis.  Your carriers deserve to be paid for their services but in turn, companies should be charged accurately.

Discovering these billing errors are not an easy task, however.  They take a great deal of manpower and knowledge to look through pages and pages of invoices.  A process needs to be created to validate the legitimacy of every single line item appearing on your invoice. Third parties, like Source Consulting, can help with a full and thorough freight audit and secure the accuracy of your bill along with any refund opportunities.

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