Logistics Technology to Help Reduce Shipping Costs

T Nguyen

February 24, 2012


There are many different ways to help reduce shipping costs.  Using a third party company can help not only showcase a different perspective but also bring in both an experienced team and new technology, such as with Source Consulting.  Source has a bevy of different and guaranteed methods to helping shippers watch their freight expenses while helping to bring down the cost of shipping through both our experienced employees, many who had worked previously with major carriers, and our great technology for our clients.  We understand the importance of cost reduction to our clients and continue to work harder and innovate further to make sure these goals are completed.  One of these evolutionary steps is through our brand new technology announcements.  In addition to our previous in-house management technology, we are proud to add in two innovative pieces of software to assist with all of our clients called Intelliship and Halo.

Intelliship is software that concentrates it’s prowess in streamlining the shipping process for businesses to ultimately help reduce shipping costs.  It is a shipping system that automates the shipping process, so employees will not have to make tough decisions on their own and possibly make mistakes retroactively, costing the company money further down the line.  The software will be able to determine the carrier and service level selection based on the best price for the company and the freight.  It is a technology-driven mechanism for frequent shippers that will automate and simplify this process.

Our second new software is called Halo, a visibility program that provides a host of information on shipment all from a single screen.  Our clients will be able to log-in, track and trace all their shipments, whether it’s in-bound or out-bound, at any time.  Just as important, this visual information will be able to see any size of shipments and from any carrier.  This program was made to help the traffic or logistics manager be able to keep track of shipments without having to go through separate websites or endless portals and help reduce shipping costs.

Source Consulting helps clients save money on shipping and has continued to bring in meaningful results.  With the addition of Intelliship and Halo, we are able to further expand our suite of efficiency and cost saving solutions for companies that ship a lot of packages.

Image from: TimeNerdWorld

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