Shippers Use The Air vs Ground Dashboard To Reduce Costs

Nathan Wheadon

February 03, 2021


UPS and FedEx have made it increasingly expensive to get your packages to your customers quickly. So, how do you strike the perfect balance of cost-effectiveness and fast delivery?

Often, shippers make transportation purchasing decisions based on the branded carrier service levels (ie. UPS 2nd DayAir, FedEx Standard Overnight, etc).  Most shippers have a misconception that the faster the delivery speed, the more it’ll cost. But that is NOT always true.

The truth is that the higher cost of air services doesn’t always mean your shipment will arrive faster than if it were shipped using ground service (guaranteed).

Dependent upon the origin and destination of each shipment, sometimes ground will guarantee an equivalent…or FASTER transit time than nextday, 2-day and/or 3-day air services. But how big of an issue is this for your business?  Unfortunately, it takes a high degree of sophistication and a lot of data manipulation to determine an accurate answer to that question.

Until now.

Your free Lojistic account now contains a tool that instantly and accurately summarizes the severity of your “Air vs Ground” problem over any period of time and provides a shipment level report to back it up. Check out Air vs Ground in action here or by clicking below. 

How often have you paid more money for a slower air service by selecting nextday, 2 or 3-day services as opposed to ground? With the help of your Lojistic account, you can now manage and reduce the cost of your shipments without sacrificing the speed of delivery to your customers.

Quickly identify all of the times you could have used ground service to get a shipment delivered faster than the air service you had selected.

The “Air vs Ground” tool inside your Lojistic account is a real game-changer.  Get your customers their orders quicker and for less money.

Create your free Lojistic account today.

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