Top 3 UPS and FedEx Billing Errors & the Need for Freight Auditing


April 09, 2011


Freight auditing services have become critically important since FedEx and UPS errors are present in virtually every invoice. They are often the result of late deliveries, invalid residential delivery charges, and/or incorrect address correction charges. Sometimes packages are manifested but not shipped, or the dimensional weight charges are inaccurate. In other instances, UPS and FedEx may assess duplicate charges or delivery area surcharges without merit. A freight audit can catch these errors.

Carrier service failures and billing errors can add up, which is why every invoice needs to be carefully reviewed.  To help spot these mistakes, it is a best practice to avail yourself of parcel freight auditing services. This can be an extremely valuable solution that will facilitate a multi-point freight audit of every shipment listed on your carrier invoice. Keep in mind that each audit point can uncover a UPS or FedEx billing error. The result can save you money in the form of carrier refund credits.

Ideally, UPS audits should be conducted every week on a post-audit schedule. A thorough freight audit service will identify carrier service failures and billing mistakes resulting in saved time and money for your company. Proficient freight auditing companies will generate refund credits that appear on your future UPS invoice. The result is increased peace of mind and reduced shipping costs.

FedEx audits are typically conducted on a pre-audit basis. An extensive freight audit should be performed every week on each FedEx invoice before payments are made. Your freight auditing service provider will ensure that FedEx applies the correct refund credits directly to your company’s shipping account. The goal is to reduce your weekly freight costs and boost your shipping efficiency.

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