DIY Parcel Audit & Refund Recovery Guide

Looking to minimize the impact invoicing issues and carrier service failures have on your business's profitability?

Identify and recover your UPS refunds and FedEx refunds with our DIY Parcel Audit & Refund Recovery Guide.

Virtually every one of your carrier invoices contain errors. Sometimes, those errors can add up to big refunds. That's money that your business should be getting back. What could your business do with all that found-money? We have a couple ideas that might inspire you.

Audit + Recovery is just one of the ways that shippers like you can reduce your overall shipping costs. Ask yourself, if you went to a restaurant and were served the wrong dish, would you expect the restaurant to make good on their error? Of course! Apply that same logic to the relationship you have with UPS and/or FedEx. When there's an invoice error or service failure, you may be entitled to a refund. With our refund recovery guide you can hold UPS and FedEx accountable by requesting they “make good” on their mistakes.

We created this DIY guide because we want to help shippers like you get the money that you're owed. While many shippers rely on Lojistic to recover refunds on their behalf, this guide was developed with the DIYer in mind. If you want to chase down all of your potential refunds on your own, Lojistic's DIY Parcel Audit & Refund Recovery Guide will put you on the right path.

With our DIY guide, you can stop paying for carrier mistakes. To get the most out of the guide, you'll want to create a free Lojistic account to get access to our platform. From there, you'll be able to audit your invoices for free and download a report with all of your invoice errors. You'll need the details for each error and service failure before attempting to recover your refunds from UPS or FedEx!

Some errors occur more often than others. The most common errors are late deliveries, invalid fees and duplicate charges.

With our refund recovery guide in hand, you can go forth and claim the UPS/FedEx refunds you're owed! If you ever need help, we're here for you. Recovering refunds is kinda our 'thang' (and we're pretty good at it).

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