Audit Recovery Is The Best Option For Your Business This Year

Rich Harkey

August 01, 2019


Audit Recovery Saves You Time And Money

Audit Recovery and Audit Recovery Bill pay are both topics that you should know about. Let's talk about the Audit first.

Right now, if you went onto UPS or FedEx website, you would find the data that you're looking for will be cumbersome. What the Audit does is it turns that information into actual items on our site. It will also identify any areas of overspend that you've been suspicious about for years. It will also give you a path to solve the problems. The Audit itself is at no cost, there's no catch. It's free for today and always.

Now, the next service is in Audit Recovery. It's a very simple process. We turn the audit on to start filing credits on your behalf.  This gets you guaranteed savings! Save on late deliveries and surcharges that attach to your invoice. We do all the work. You get real-life savings.

How It Works

The third service, Bill pay, is also that too. So, we audit, we recover, and we pay your invoices. Now, with that service, we ensure that all your bills are righteous. If there are any carrier reversals, we take care of all that. Audit Recovery Bill pay is that again. It's the next generation from the Audit, to the Audit Recovery, to Audit Recovery Bill pay. Then we send you a friendly request saying that these bills are ready to pay. You fund them, we pay. That service comes at no cost.

So to recap, come join us at Lojistic. The business tool is free for all. That means you and you and you. Yes even the one who's a little skeptic, is about to say, "Who's giving away free stuff?" We are.

So, sign up for the business tool. Again it's free. If you decide you're tired of seeing all those overcharges, hire us to help you with the recovery! If you get tired of paying bills and feel like outsourcing to save some funds then we can take that on as well! Use other people's time to do other, more efficient things! Please join us at and check out the free business tool.


Rich Harkey

Rich Harkey

Senior Strategy Manager

Rich Harkey is a results-driven professional with extensive experience in the logistics and supply chain industry.

As the Senior Strategy Manager at Lojistic, Rich leverages over three decades of expertise to help businesses improve their shipping strategies and reduce costs. With a deep understanding of the requirements of shippers and the operational intricacies of carriers, he excels in everything from optimizing business rules and managing carrier invoices to negotiating carrier contracts.

Rich's comprehensive knowledge of the logistics industry, combined with his strategic insights and passion for data analysis, has enabled thousands of companies to gain visibility into their shipping expenses, driving impactful results.
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