Innovation in the Supply Chain

T Nguyen

June 01, 2012


Although supply chains may seem like a quiet space and rigid to traditions, there are many different innovations from all sorts of industrial and technological changes that are aimed to improve and optimize supply chains worldwide.  These different advances range from the transportation sector to the cloud, giving a wide range of disciplines a chance to improve supply chains and logistics for the future.  Here are a few noteworthy advancements that we found which could create a huge impact on the shipping industry:

More Mobile in the Supply Chain:

Mobile has been growing rapidly from new apps to integration although adoption and assistance in supply chain growth has not been as quick.  However, several initiatives are trying to change this, especially with proliferation of smartphones and tablets amongst consumers.  One is within transportation, in which truck drivers have access to an on-board computers with mobile GPS technology inside to help with day-to-day tasks, such as capturing proof of delivery to better location analysis. Additionally, apps are being created for supply chain managers to be able to address supply chain issues and movement on the go and in the palm of their hands.

OverHead Electric Truck Lines:

Although the idea is still very much in its infancy, companies, like Siemens, are attempting to help curb both fuel costs and increase efficiency to transportation vehicles.  As shown in this article, Siemens have integrated the idea behind the electric lines for different metro systems onto hybrid trucks, which would be integrated with an electric bar that could be raised and lowered at will.  Since these trucks would be hybrid models, the trucks could attach to the electric lines at anytime on the highway and could detach when on route to its final destination.

Source Consulting is constantly staying up-to-date with all of these innovations and more.  Our experienced employees utilize such information to both better the company’s line of tools we have to offer customers but also to help inform users about methods and systems to stay abreast of to ultimately help reduce shipping costs. Some of our technology, such as Intelliship, work within the cloud and mobile space to help better optimize your supply chain.  Keep an eye out on  our work and see if we can help optimize your supply chain and work as well!


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