Social Media in the Supply Chain Author: T Nguyen
June 08, 2012

Digital technology is an integral part of any business, especially in the supply chain.  Fairly obvious inclusions, as we discussed previously, include tablets and smart devices for easier visibility and tracking.  However, one interesting area of digital technology that has been murky for supply chain managers and shipping oriented businesses is the concept of social media.  Is tweeting or Facebooking important for these types of establishments?  The answer, although not perhaps applicable to all, is that there are good uses for social media that can help both the business, its partners and customers.

Social media is prevalent for the vast majority of people.  For instance, 91% of the today’s adults use social media to some extent.  However, in the supply chain, the perception to some may be that social media is not seen as useful, especially in a more traditional space.  One way many have found relevance has been through business-to-customer social media relations to both advertise and promote their services.  Businesses can gain quick and simple methods to interface with potential clients and problem solve issues through social web applications.

Another method that is slowly gaining traction is use of business-to-business social media platforms.  Supply chain managers and their teams have a wealth of information.  Collaborative interaction with piers and partners can be facilitated via social media.  Any immediate changes or challenges can be quickly transmitted.  The usage of networks like LinkedIn and other customizable social media channels showcase the wide breadth of utility that social media can deliver.

Source is constantly utilizing digital technology in ways to enhance our supply chain solutions and customer service as much as possible.  Along with innovative technology like Intelliship and Halo, we maintain three social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This better informs and engages our customers and other interested parties at large.  As technology continues to spur forward, we aim to be up to speed in being both forward-thinking and innovation in the digital sphere.

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