Looking Closer at Shipping Technology

T Nguyen

June 15, 2012


There are some difficulties for companies to compensate both their traditional mentality of what works versus the fast-moving digital technology that evolves and changes on a daily basis.  However, it’s important for all companies to be aware of the evolving technology around them not only to be in the know with what’s current but also what can help your company both reduce shipping costs and speed up the supply chain and logistics process.  Because of this importance, Source has also been thinking forward to what can best help businesses who ship many items easily and efficiently and in turn, created two great pieces of technology called Halo and Intelliship.

One of our great pieces of technology is called Halo.  This software gives the user a multi-faceted view of all their shipments and your transportation supply chain.  One aspect of it allows users to manage and identify the shipments that need the most attention and constantly receives information from the carriers to the weather service to give you a comprehensive look all around.  Working to leverage the multi-modal trend of the current generation, Halo can be looked at on a number of devices from smartphones to tablets.

Intelliship is the second piece of innovative technology we created for our customers.  With this software, the user gets complete control of all enterprise-wide options for their shipping.  These tools mean that the user will be able to use cost-effective ways from the carrier to the shipment.  Guidelines and rules are automatically followed easily and smoothly and scales whatever amount of shipping you have and utilizes the cloud to be accessed from your home or business.

Source Consulting works heavily to keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology along with the experienced staff behind it.  You can request a free demo for both Halo and Intelliship and find more details on our website.  Working as both great assets for any company looking to get a better hand on their shipping and as innovative looks into the new frontier of digital technology, Halo and Intelliship are just a piece of the bigger puzzle in making sure your company is set to reduce shipping costs and stay ahead of the curve.

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