Parcel & Freight Shipping FAQ

General Truck (FTL & LTL), Ocean,
Rail, and Air Freight Audit Questions

What types of freight shipping services can Lojistic audit?

Lojistic guarantees to reduce freight costs with our freight transportation audit solutions, which include: truck (FTL & LTL) auditing, ocean freight auditing, rail freight auditing, and air freight auditing. Using innovative technology, our team of freight auditors will deliver maximum freight shipping cost savings by ensuring each carrier invoice is correct. We will conduct a thorough freight post audit of each shipping invoice. The experienced freight auditors at Lojistic will also manage the carrier audit refund process to ensure your company recovers all erroneous payments to your truck freight carriers, ocean freight carriers, rail freight carriers, and/or air freight carriers. All of our logistics audit solutions are an ongoing trial with no long-term contractual commitments. Lojistic guarantees that our freight bill audit services will reduce shipping costs.

What types of freight billing errors do your freight auditing services look for?

Lojistic's freight bill audit will review forty-four points on each shipping invoice. Several common sources of refund credits include: duplicate billings, incorrectly assessed tariff weight breaks, invalid accessorial charges, alternation of tariff rates, carrier routing compliance, and service level failure. Our freight auditors will verify the accuracy of each freight shipping charge that appears on your company's freight invoices.

What is the typical freight cost recovery percentage resulting from your freight audit?

The freight cost recovery percentage can vary greatly with each freight bill audit. Results will vary based upon the mode of transportation, the carrier being used, and the characteristics of the product being shipped. Some freight bill audits will produce a one percent recovered savings, while other freight audits can result in a ten percent freight cost reduction.

What do I need to do in order to implement your freight bill audit?

Though our team of freight auditors prefers to audit electronic freight shipping invoices, we can conduct a freight bill audit of paper shipping invoices as well. Once we have been provided electronic or paper copies of each carrier invoice to be audited, our team will work to identify service failures and billing errors. Our freight auditors will also manage the claims process to ensure that your freight carriers issue all warranted refunds.

How far in the past are you able to look for erroneous freight charges?

The statute of limitations to file for freight billing error refunds varies depending upon the mode of transportation used to ship the product. Less than truckload (LTL) and air freight shipments typically have a six-month statute of limitations. Erroneous carrier charges relating to shipments sent via full truckload (FTL) have a one to two year statute of limitations. Our freight auditors can often go back up to three years when auditing ocean freight invoices and rail freight invoices.

Can Lojistic provide a secondary freight bill audit?

All freight audits are not the same! We contend that of all freight audit companies our team produces superior freight cost reduction. Lojistic is extremely thorough and effective when auditing each carrier invoice. If your company has conducted a freight bill audit of your shipping invoices and would like Lojistic to ensure that nothing was missed, our professional auditors will conduct a secondary freight audit.

How much do your freight audit services cost?

Lojistic's freight audit services will produce measurable cost savings. We are very confident that your company is currently overpaying your freight carriers. Our compensation is limited to a contingent share of the actual savings generated by our services. In that way, our motivation is parallel to maximizing freight cost reduction for your company.