Parcel & Freight Shipping FAQ

UPS Audit and FedEx Audit Questions

Do UPS and FedEx allow their invoices to be audited by third-party freight parcel audit companies?

Every UPS and FedEx shipper has the right to ensure their shipping bills are accurate and that all service guarantees have been fulfilled. Both UPS and FedEx are very familiar with Lojistic acting as a third-party freight parcel audit company. Freight bill auditing is absolutely necessary in the freight management industry and is a widely accepted practice by UPS and FedEx.

How do you receive my UPS and FedEx invoices to perform freight bill auditing?

Lojistic's UPS auditing and FedEx auditing services will be set-up so that our team of freight auditors receives your company's electronic invoice automatically. Set-up varies slightly with each small parcel carrier; however, it is a very simple process with both carriers and can be accomplished in minutes. At Lojistic we design our freight audit services to be as efficient as possible for all parties involved.

How will I track the refund credits that your UPS and FedEx freight bill auditing services generate?

The results of our freight auditing services are very transparent. UPS and FedEx refunds generated by our freight auditors are applied directly to your shipping account. We provide a weekly report detailing all carrier credits that have resulted from our transportation parcel audit.

Is UPS auditing and FedEx auditing considered a pre-audit or a post-audit?

UPS audits are usually conducted on a post-audit basis. Each weekly UPS invoice is thoroughly audited for carrier service failures and billing mistakes. All refund credits generated by Lojistic's freight audit services will appear on a future UPS invoice, thus reducing shipping costs. FedEx audits are typically conducted on a pre-audit basis.

One of our professional freight auditors will perform an extensive review of each FedEx invoice before your accounting team remits payment each week. We will ensure FedEx applies the appropriate refund credits directly to your shipping account, and provide your accounts payable team with a revised FedEx invoice. Our FedEx parcel freight audit service will successfully reduce freight costs every week and ensure that shipping contracts are optimized to benefit your company in both the short and long-term.

What are the most common incorrect charges that are recovered when auditing FedEx and UPS invoices?

Several of the most common FedEx and UPS billing errors are due to late deliveries, erroneous address correction charges, erroneous residential delivery charges, packages manifested but not shipped, erroneous dimensional weight charges, duplicate charges, erroneous delivery area surcharges, and packages with no proof of delivery.

There are numerous carrier service failures and billing mistakes that occur on virtually every invoice. It is an essential part of risk management to monitor each package and every charge that appears on your carrier invoices. Our software and team of professional parcel freight auditors conduct a 46-point audit of each individual shipment that appears on your carrier invoice. We do this in both our UPS audits and FedEx audits. Each audit point is a potential source of UPS and FedEx billing errors and thus a potential source of carrier refund credits.

Will my UPS and FedEx relationship be adversely affected when I hire Lojistic to audit my FedEx and UPS invoices?

Your UPS and FedEx relationship will not be adversely affected by our parcel freight audit services. One of the most effective ways to get your small parcel carrier to improve their level of service is to remind them they are not the only carrier. UPS and FedEx need to work to retain your business.

A critical part of superior parcel and freight carrier service is accurately billing for services rendered. Our UPS auditing and FedEx auditing services ensure that every charge on your bill is accurate. As a result of our services, many of our parcel freight auditing customers actually receive a higher level of service from their carrier. UPS audits and FedEx audits are an accepted practice in the industry and are a great way to help maximize efficiency and lower costs.

If I use your parcel auditing services will I still be able to pay my UPS and FedEx invoices by credit card?

Yes. Lojistic's freight audit will reduce freight costs on each FedEx and UPS invoice, as well as allow your accounting department to pay each carrier invoice by credit card. UPS auditing and FedEx auditing through Lojistic is cost-effective and convenient at the same time.