D.I.Y. UPS & FedEx Refund Recovery Guide

Nathan Wheadon

January 07, 2021


“Transparency” and “carrier pricing.” Two terms you’ll likely never see used together in the same sentence. It’s no secret that UPS and FedEx mystify their pricing: invalid charges, hidden fees, buried costs, rate increases, inconsistent pricing and dozens of “negotiables” within every carrier agreement mean that most shippers operate in the dark.

In no other industry is the phrase “you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate” more applicable. Why?

Take, for example, two companies next door to each other, shipping the exact same products with the same carrier to the exact same customers. Those two companies will pay different rates. Huh?

Shippers (like you) are put in a position to trust that UPS and FedEx have your best interests at heart. You’re stuck relying solely on their carrier’s word that they’re getting the best deal possible. That means it’s all too often that shippers operate with zero-to-limited visibility.  It’s like driving through dense fog without headlights.

This year, more so than any other, has proven that UPS and FedEx are constantly devising new strategies to squeeze their customers. It’s no surprise that both carriers have posted record profits in 2020 after eliminating a shipper’s ability to file for late shipments, rolling out several mid-year rate hikes, and a substantial increase in package volume due to Covid.

Then throw the recent 2021 general price increase (click the image below to view or download the report) on top of all that and shippers like you are left wondering “what gives?”

UPS FedEx General Price Increase

Despite this grim reality, there is something you can do about it. UPS and FedEx are not infallible. They make mistakes and bill you incorrectly. This means there are potential refunds available to your business right now…and that’s money back in your pocket.

Don't want to pay someone else to handle the audit recovery process on your behalf? No problem! We give shippers the ability to take action for themselves.

When you create a free Lojistic account all of your shipping invoices are automatically audited for billing errors and refund opportunities.

And with the below D.I.Y. Parcel Audit & Refund Recovery Guide, you can manage the recovery process yourself. No credit card or service agreements required.

No one else does this for free. 

UPS FedEx refund recovery guide PDF

Start by creating a free Lojistic account. It takes less than a minute. With Lojistic, you'll have everything you need to get the refunds UPS and FedEx owe you. And, it's all free. 

View the D.I.Y Parcel Audit & Refund Recovery Guide in your browser or download your free copy here or by clicking the image above.

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